Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Grand Canyon 2011!!

Event Date: September 2nd, 2011 - The Fundraising goal is $20,000  - DONATE NOW

The last two 1 Day for the CMHA challenges, 4 Mountains 2009 and West Coast Trail 2010 were highly successful! In hopes of building on those two events, 1 Day for the CMHA will head down south for some international exposure at the Grand Canyon. A popular ultramarathoner challenge, the plan is for sevens of us to begin at the South Rim, run to the North Rim and head back. Aka Double Crossing or R2R2R - Rim to Rim to Rim. There will be three other participants starting at the South Rim, heading down to the river, or just beyond, and then returning with the Double Crossing group on their way back from the North Rim.

Some approximate figures for the Double Crossing challenge are:   
  • 75 kms
  • 3300m combined elevation gain
  • Average Temperature over 100F
Thanks for your support!