Funds Allocation


Funds raised in 2009 were just over $10,000 and in 2010 were just over $14,000.

Until last year, CMHA, National office could not support fundraising event management initiatives, even though it received approximately 3-4 requests per month for volunteer supporters to manage walkathons, bikathons, golf tournaments, gala dinners, auctions, hikes, campaigns, weddings, birthdays, in-memoriam donations, anniversaries etc. Similarly, registrations related to CMHA’s annual conference were outsourced to an external company.

The CMHA explored how they could best meet the needs of volunteer supporters, increase revenues and still manage with minimal staff. Artez Interactive Inc. was sourced and provided a third party fundraising event management application that helps non-profits raise more money, by keeping their administrative and donor-acquisition costs to a minimum. Artez’ event management application is considered the best in its class.

After utilizing a confusing system for coordinating funds raised from 4 mountains 2009, the money raised in 2009 and 2010 went towards the purchase of Artez Interactive’s 3rd party fundraising event management application. This application supported West Coast Trail 2010 and the event was one of the first to trial the Artez application for the CMHA!

Fund Allocation - 2011 -

This year, the funds will go towards a “Youth and Mental Health” fund that will focus on the development of an e-learning tool for teachers. Presently, there is limited curriculum for teachers on the nature and impact of Mental Health Disorders. The instruction package will be designed for a program that offers 6 lessons that can be implemented into the classroom to raise awareness and understanding of Mental Health Disorders. Many people suffer from their disorders without understanding why they feel different and why society seems to lack compassion. This program will give teachers the opportunity to add a Mental Health component to the classroom and bring much needed awareness among youth during these difficult years.

This year, for the first time, 10% of all funds raised will go towards a small independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting people with Mental Health issues. This year’s recipient will be The Umbrella Society based in Victoria, BC. They promote understanding, acceptance and support for people affected by substance use and mental health issues through advocacy, education and other assistance. The Society’s vision is that, someday, communities will embrace and support those affected by substance use and mental health problems.
For more information please visit the Umbrella Society Homepage


Thank you very much for your consideration and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Mike Danskin at: mdanskin (at) hotmail (dot) com